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TLC Childhood Trauma Practitioner's Assembly
July 8-11, 2014

TLC invites professionals to submit an application to present a three-hour workshop at the Assembly. Workshops that provide experiential activities, case presentation and participant interaction are encouraged.

Please consider applying to present if you provide trauma-informed:

  • treatment services
  • specialized programs
  • expressive art therapies
  • school-based programs
  • trauma-specific resources
  • research specific to interventions for traumatized children
Applications must be received by Jan. 6, 2014.

How to Apply to Present



Self-regulation refers to mastery over unwanted reactions to extreme stress. The symptoms and reactions in trauma are often driven by worry, fear and anger and are difficult for children to control. Many times, children report “knowing better” or “not thinking, just reacting” after engaging in challenging or destructive behavior. These statements describe a child who feels powerless to manage reactions and behaviors.

The ultimate goal of self-regulation is not to make feelings go away but rather to provide children with tools to better manage and control overwhelming feelings. The first steps in reaching this goal are to learn how to identify feelings and become aware of body sensations.

Body and sensory awareness and mindfulness practices are all excellent ways to improve a child’s ability to name and manage feelings and sensations. A simple way to initiate this type of practice is to ask a child to select a body part, for example, his or her chest, and ask the question, “If your chest could talk, what would it say?”

This question helps the child find the words to describe the sensation in that part of the body and gives a greater awareness to what is happening inside of them. Engaging in such practices over time will provide children a way to gain a better appreciation of what they are experiencing in their body. This enables them to make better choices regarding how to deal with uncomfortable sensations in more productive and healthy ways.

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